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Description of the Book:

One country. One hundred languages. One billion voices. And yet, no one who speaks.

The ‘I’ of India: Voices of the Unheard brings forth an insider view of the Indian society. Dealing with the communal, political and social problems prevalent in the country, each poem tells the story of yet another voice that was smothered: a voice that got lost in the burning fabric of the nation.

Chandini wished to be loved, but she was given away at the time of her birth. They called her a 'hijra'.

Aftab wanted to join the Indian army. They told him to go to Pakistan.

Karan was finally doing what he loved. They put him in jail for fearless reporting.

Munni wanted to send her daughter to school. They forced her to go back to the red light area.

The book narrates what is it to be Chandini, Aftab, Karan, Munni, and countless other such people who are waiting to be heard, who have been shunned. Because at the end, the question never was:

What makes India, India?

It has always been:

WHO makes India, India?

The 'I' of India: Voices of the Unheard

SKU: 9781050752873
  • Author Name: Shikha Chandra
    About the Author: Shikha Chandra is a final year student of literature at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. She is interested in looking at pop culture and gender through a feminist lens, as you may find her dissecting movies, books and other forms of art to highlight the problems in them. ​She has written for many wellknown digital platforms like SheThePeople.TV, Feminism In India, Vitamin Stree and Live Wire In, and wants to explore the spaces even more. Hailing from Dehardun, Shikha believes that her close vicinity to Ruskin Bond who lives in Mussoorie has made her into the writer she is. Visit her website and find her Instagram and other socials there to know more about her works!
    Book ISBN: 9781050752873


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