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Description of the book:

THE HUES OF MUSE is my debut novel and this has been my dream for years that has become a book in your hands. I look at the world at different perspectives all the time for I believe there's always a reason behind every action. I have tried to write on uncommon topics rather random topics for it to be a non-themed poem book. Who knows any word may inspire us and may change our lives forever.

The Hues of Muse

  • Author Name: Maadhuri
    About the Author: Maadhuri is pursuing the Chartered Accountancy course, at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She did most of her education in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and doing her articleship training at Bangalore, Karnataka. THE HUES OF MUSE is her debut poetry book. Apart from writing, she loves to read novels. To read more of her poems and haiku follow her on @poeticmuser.


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