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Description of the Book:

The book is a collection of musings from the heart. Poetry is a beautiful way to express how various emotions and situations entangle the heart. These are exactly musings from the heart. As they say when in doubt always listen to the heart. This is a collection of some poems spread over topics from various fields and is a way to express what various expressions many hearts across maybe feeling. Read it to know if this is what appeals to your heart also.. Some musings from a dreamer and believer in fairytales to many such hearts..

The Heart says it all

  • Author Name: Sanya Nakra
    About the Author: Sanya Nakra is a Brand Manager in the FMCG space from Gurgaon. She has worked with brands like Nestle, Snapdeal and McCormick Kohinoor Foods. She has interned with brands like Star TV (Channel V), United Nations, Delhi Food Walks, Travel Secrets Magazine, Montenegro Embassy (part of EU). She has done a lot of freelance content work for international clients. She has also worked in Media Relations. Sanya is an Engineer from IP University Delhi followed by MBA from a premier B-School, IMI Delhi. She always had a penchant for communications and content. She is fond of writing English poems in her free time which she loves sharing. She is known to be a communicator with a personality to dazzle. Caffeine addict when it comes to outdoors but a true desi Chai lover at heart. Loves to travel and meet new people. Writing is what excites her, and she observes people to spin stories. .
    Book ISBN: 9781005692711


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