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Description of the Book:

Delving into life lessons and realistic thoughts, this book is a pragmatic collection of poems that have been carefully plucked out from reallife experiences of people. Those people whom we often overlook in the hastiness of our lives, those people who probably remains in the corner of our minds, those people whose memories are stronger than their existences, those people who have kept hoping against all odds.

These people probably reside in you. These people often get lost amidst the crowd, but they exist, just like you and me.

"The Harbinger of Hope" has bits and pieces of us, of our silent sighs, of our rational expectations, of our trysts with truth and pain, of our unfinished love stories, and of our vulnerabilities.

The Harbinger of Hope

  • Author Name: Sreoshi Bakshi
    About the Author:  Passionate about writing from a young age, Sreoshi is an empathetic soul who likes to explore the complexities of life and human emotions. She is often found observing and enjoying the little things in our daily lives that we usually overlook. Sreoshi strongly believes that words have the power to heal, to empower, to inspire and sometimes to injure thoroughly. On a careless, cloudy afternoon, she would consciously choose to take a quick nap and be absolutely unapologetic about it.
    Book ISBN: 9781005037482


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