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Description of the Book :


" The Grave Of An Alive " or you could simply call it the living. We live everyday and die every night. We die every moment we betrayed the inner voice who's trying to keep us alive. I died. I died every night looking for peace when my heart was into pieces. I died the moment I chose to close the doors of my house, my heart, my life. I keep my courtains closed because the darkness turned into my solitude. The dust on my floor was never removed since the time which felt like century's. The webs on my walls are easier to untangle then the thoughts in my head. I wish I could change my bed covers at the speed people change their lovers. I'm counting my days to see how longer I'll survive. Come to my room, it looks just like a grave of an Alive.

The Grave Of An Alive

  • Author's Name :  Minal Sharma
    About the Author :  My name is Minal Sharma. A 25 years old girl from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I started writing after reading my mother's poems and developed the skills after multiple trials and failures. I like to write about the emotions which are hard to express and should've shared with the world.
    Book ISBN :  9780463965115
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