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Description of the Book:


"The Gardener and the Little Rose" is a heartwarming tale of love, patience, and transformation. In a world of hatred and selfishness, a gracious gardener tends to a delicate flower with unwavering devotion. Despite its initial imperfections, the gardener showers the little rose with tender care and affection, nurturing it from a mere bud into a radiant bloom. This collection of poems depict the love and gratitude of little rose towards the Gardener.

The Gardener and the Little Rose

SKU: 9789360940201
  • Author's Name: Lovepreet Arora Insan

    About the Author: Dr. Lovepreet Arora Insan is a doctor and scholar of Ayurveda. Being a lover of poetry, she loves to write about spiritual love. She believes in the power of words to heal and inspire. With a deep passion for storytelling, she invites readers to explore the beauty of selfless love through her simple yet profound poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940201
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