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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of eighteen short poems that talk about the underlying simplicity of complex human sentiments. The poems were written at various stages of the author’s life and hence, give a glimpse into how the world around has changed. Conversely, they also reflect how the interaction with this changed world has altered her idealism and beliefs.
The poems are about diverse topics such as morality, weight of expectations, hope, and dejection; in a nutshell, they are about life and about us all, who are trying to make sense of life while living it.

The Full Circle

SKU: 9785379674137
  • Author Name: Stuti Garg
    About the Author: Stuti is a Strategy professional who spends her entire day making sense of data and finding structure in the chaos. However, what truly inspires her is the anarchy in our monotony the mayhem in human minds and hearts. This enthuses her to write and capture the essence of myriad human emotions in her poems. While her nonfiction work is published earlier, this is the first publication of her poems that hover around the theme of survival, existence, and hope something we are all familiar with.
    Book ISBN: 9785379674137


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