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Description of the Book:

Life can be magical for some, battle for others. Every individual is experiencing his whole life through these journeys, some are trembling, others are standing strong and rest are living it with gentle hold. This book is a compilation of my feelings that goes inside my heart through my mind and I have tried to pour it here with the best possible words I could use. Poems about life and it’s prolong mystery.

The Fragrance of Life

  • Author Name: Shreyasi Sinha
    About the Author: 
    Shreyasi Sinha has just completed her Masters in Administrations and started her career in corporate. She is inclined towards writing since she was 11 years old, a story teller since her school days, trying to improve herself with the ongoing twists of life. Dwelling in this space, holding a book in her hands and gazing towards sky without fail. A firm believer of kindness and love that should be prevailed in this society, along with her keen interest towards writing, she loves to capture life through her own way. Can watch Cinema all day as she loves reviewing movies and the stories. It’s her first ever book, intended to express what she feels.


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