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Description of the Book:

This is the journey through a fickle mind. A mind that has scars and bruises, but is also filled with bliss and love. It shows the ugly thoughts about ourselves and describes our worst and best feelings. It describes the path of a person that has struggles in life, and tries to work through them. Written as an ode to all feelings, big and small, and the choices we make to change our life for the better.

The Fickle Web of Feelings

  • Author Name: Lieke van Meel
    About the Author: Lieke van Meel is a poetry and aspiring fantasy writer, who sometimes shares her thoughts and sarcasm in a blog. Writing since a young age, she had a dream to publish her work someday. In the hope that for some people it will feel like coming home, to a place where they are accepted. When Lieke is not writing, she is studying to become a coach to help others, and talking in a funny voice to her husband and cat.


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