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Description of the book


The Exi(S)t is a tale of a protagonist who may or may not be alive, but is definitely living. In his second collection of poems, Srinjoy Ghosh dares the reader towards a direct confrontation with the protagonist introduced in 'The Idol Walker'. 

'The epitaphs you walk past, / stroll through, / glance by, / and get affected by; / look at you / awaiting you company, / patiently.

The Exi(S)t

  • Author Name: Srinjoy Ghosh
    About the Author: Text is my texture. Otherwise, I am a very ordinary human being. I seek the green in the blue, the grin in the somber, and the shadow that holds true behind every light. My debut poetry volume 'The Idol Walker' has been published by the pioneers of Indian English poetry: Writer's Workshop India. Haruki Murakami is my favorite author. I enjoy anime narratives in equal measure as that of being an enthusiast of quantum entanglement in the everyday."Find me now. Before someone else does."
    Book ISBN: 9781005618858


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