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Description of the Book :


The Evanesce is a set of poems revealing heartbreaks of friendships. From the day we became friends to the day you left, those are the untold feelings that can never  be said. Ever broke up with your best friend? Maybe you'll realize someday not only relationship breakups hurts friendship breakups do hurt as well. Though they broke up but it's not a "no happy ending".

The Evanesce

  • Author's Name :  Subhashree Pattnayak
    About the Author :  Subhashree Pattnayak is the poet of the newly arrived book THE EVANESCE. Inspite of still doing her undergraduate courses can never pull out herselfnof writing. Subhashree is an author of this modern generation. She writes with utmost creativity which focus more towards modern readers. Following her dreams and changing it to reality she has come a long way.
    Book ISBN :  9781005885250
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