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Description of the Book:

A Deja Vu, the poem will resonate a deep connection with an ordinary person's mind, life & Soul.

The Dusky Soul

SKU: 9789394640481
  • Author Name: Sachi Mandpe
    About the Author: Sachi, works in an MNC in Navi Mumbai. She is a ICF certified Positive Psychology Coach. Her purpose in life is to enable people improve their mental health & motivate them to see the brighter side in Life ! Sachi has successfully coached her family, relatives & friends. An ardent reader & podcasts listener. Her topics of interest are selfhelp, spirituality & psychology. A foodie by nature, she loves to cook & listen music. She is also a contributor on Quora where she has penned down her life experiences 
    Book ISBN: 9789394640481


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