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Description of the Book:

"What is in a flower that blooms- that a wilting flower fails to see? 

"A wilting flower may be tainted by the facade of a vibrant colour, but a blooming flower basks in the glory of its dulling tint". 

Growing up, I was someone who loved to chase after external obligations and validations. If I didn't look for validation within someone's words, I would look into their eyes to see if they were "satisfied"- not once looking within to ask myself "Are you satisfied, Deeksha?". I suppose this book pays homage to that part of me that is slowly wilting, and is giving vision to my true self that begged to be heard for the past decade. This book is composed of poems that speak to my journey of introspection; a journey to becoming a person who is open to growth, but also someone who is unapologetic for being themselves."

The Dulling Colours of a Blooming flower

  • Author's Name: Deeksha Yelamanchi
    About the Author: Deeksha Yelamanchi is a 17 year old poet from Ontario, Canada who has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Deeksha has been writing poems since the age of 10, although she has had a fascination for them all her life. The lessons she learned through living more than half her life in India inspired Deeksha to write poems and recounts of poems based on her childhood- especially about introspective changes she has realized over time.
    Book ISBN: 9781005044831


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