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For a stretch of 20 days I have written 20 poems which is now published as a collection "The Daydreams." Happy, sad or confused, I grabbed a paper to write my thoughts down. Some days ,I would end up writing a completely different theme unlike my plan. Some days, I would be showered with ideas I can't express. But, the fact I happily learnt is that a poem always remains beautiful, no matter what you choose to write. Then, why not us? Life is surely not a smooth journey to stride. But just remember throughout the journey that there is none more beautiful than you .Give yourself the love you deserve.Its your life. Let atleast one of my poems change the beliefs of someone, may it bring someone more strength and help someone look into the good in life and enjoy the every little things offered.

The Daydreams

  • Author's Name :  Aavani Vinod
    About the Author :  Aavani Vinod ,is an English majoring student of All Saints College, Trivandrum. She believes that words that cannot be expressed must be written from your heart and that poetry truly reveals the beauty of ones mind that is often left unacknowledged by others.
    Book ISBN :  9781005724368
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