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Description of the Book :


This book addresses pain, sufferings, the feeling of helplessness, those moments where you felt stuck in a stage of darkness. Yet, you still had hope to reach the light, to let it come in. When you laid on the ground, you found yourself alone. This book will understand you then. Remember whenever you feel lost, i hope the world traces you back here, I have built a home for you.

The dawn in dusk - the light in darkness

  • Author's Name :  Suhani Jain
    About the Author :  My name is Suhani Jain, a teenager of 17 years old from Delhi.I started building my world in and around my words through my teenage years. For a long time they were a hide for me but i put them out for people in 2020 with my first book "the thorns to the rose". This is my second book. I am a very emotional personal, thus throughout the book you will observe my feelings spilling throughout the pages. Poetry for me has been a saviour through the teenage years. I usually use simple words to describe complex emotions, so my readers know they are never alone and no feeling is ever invalid.
    Book ISBN :  9781005959739
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