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Description of the Book :


Shayla Sugden is a mystery to herself; allured by sleeping nature, and looking for herself in the roots. In The Daisies Have Thorns, Sugden embarks with the reader on a journey of new beginnings, and finding strength in small places. From high mountaintops to low valleys of a picturesque world, each poem delves deeper into a scene where magic lies just beneath the earth’s surface, waiting for those who dare to dig a little bit deeper. Sugden creates a fountain of youth in her work, bringing ancient worlds back to life, and playing on the strings of the human experience which stretch across time. The vivid emotion and sincere style evokes the intense ordeals vital to vulnerability, self-discovery, and growing up, exploring profound tones to capture the woes of growth and resilience. Accompanied by thoughtful imagery, the poems look for the words to describe the cavernous depths of heartache and yearning for something more, while finding beauty and catharsis in the ordinary world.

The Daisies Have Thorns

  • Author's Name :  Shayla L. Sugden
    About the Author :  Born in 2003, Shayla Sugden is a Canadian writer and night-owl who does most of her writing when she should be sleeping or studying. Once deemed a “chronic overachiever” by one of her teachers, Shayla co-wrote her first miniature novel series in second grade, bound with pink and purple strings tied in bows, and with more words spelt incorrectly than not. Shayla is sometimes considered an old soul, and navigates her writing with ancient myths and texts. She can usually be found listening to music, taking long walks, or stealing glances at books she already owns in bookstores.
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