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Description of the Book:


In this poignant collection of poems, navigate the tumultuous landscape of early adulthood alongside a young medical student. Weave through love and loss, hopes and dreams, and the harsh realities of illness in the midst of a demanding education system. Imagery and verse come together to reveal a unique journey of self-discovery.

the curse of immortality

SKU: 9789363317970
  • Author's Name: Mei Sayre

    About the Author: Mei Sayre is a 28-year-old hopeless romantic, East Coast wanderer with a digital heart. Following a short-lived medical career, she found solace in the boundless realities of her imagination. Though a lifelong writer, her passion for poetry blossomed during her college years. Mei has always found inspiration from her rich inner world. She invites you to enjoy her debut poetry collection.
    Book ISBN: 9789363317970
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