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Description of the Book:


The Creatures of the World is a short poetry book about the life and thoughts of various creatures and animals. The small collection of poems describes how some animals feel or how they interact with each other and other things in the world. Each poem is as deep as the next and really makes you think about how you view the wildlife around you. It’s the story of multiple animals and how alike yet different they may be.

The Creatures of the World

SKU: 9789360940676
  • Author's Name: Maddie Abbott

    About the Author: Maddie Abbott is an aspiring young author making her debut. She dreams of being a New York Times bestselling novelist later in life. She was born and raised in Oklahoma and still resides there. When she’s not in school, she spends most of her time reading and playing with her many dogs.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940676
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