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Description of the Book :


This is a collection of poems about hope, endurance, and the will to bloom even in dark times. It is a wild bouquet of color, flowers and feelings and a reminder that there is strength in brokenness. It is to inspire and encourage you to stand strong, and keep fighting for yourself and your dreams, no matter how dark it’s gotten.

The Color of Hope

  • Author's Name :  M. J. Wilson
    About the Author :  M. J. Wilson has a BA in History from William and Mary and an MA in Medieval Studies from Leeds University, UK, so she is excessively qualified to be impractical, and old fashioned. She has worked in museums and even spent a few years testing software in an R&D department, nobody quite knows why. She lives in historic Poway with her round surly cat who loves butter more than her. She enjoys many literary pursuits and believes that writing is one of the best ways to heal, encourage, and inspire.
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