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Description of the book:

As anxiety engulfs oneself, hope is the only bright light at the end of the tunnel to guide you. Despite the comfort around you, there are times that solitude becomes your only friend while the bliss of ignorance befalls you. But it is alright to take a step back, breathe and give yourself the space. Not knowing how things would turn out for you is the surprise lying ahead. We all face our demons in the most surrealistic way; some can share them with others while the rest tend to hide them. Nevertheless, we all are the same. And it is okay, only to be hopeful that one day it will all fit in. The book is an anthology of poems that speaks about the buried emotions and the repressions we face through relations, life, or simply ourselves and the words of advice from the author to be hopeful of what lies ahead of you.

The Collection of Unspoken Musings

SKU: 9788065239467
  • Author's Name: Vismitha Yaji
    About The Author: Vismitha Yaji is an aspiring writer and designer who is currently trying to balance the pressures of adulthood and pursuing her passion for writing. Being an ardent fan of motivational quotes, poetry, and designing, she is often seen questioning the current trends in a divergent and unique fashion. She enjoys a philosophical approach to life and is keen on learning and developing new skills. As a person who has traveled often, she has been able to explore and appreciate various cultures and lifestyles. She enjoys traveling, sketching, anything related to music or movies, and once in a while tries to use her limited photography skillset. Her approach towards writing is inspired by life events and their unexpected turns.
    Book ISBN: 9788065239467


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