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Description of the Book:

A city named as 'The city of thoughts' that shares its story in the form of poetry. Filled with many shades of life and phases, as the city witnessed with time. The experience might take you back to the memory lane. Experience the happening and characters of the city, when you walk through it's streets.

The city of Thoughts

  • Author Name: Manoj Kumar Jena
    About the Author: Manoj Kumar Jena is a journalism and mass communication student and RJ of Ravenshaw radio 90.4MHz, and a professional fitness coach, which includes yoga, meditation and relaxation therapy as well. Currently practising life coaching and looking forward to attend the people in need. Currently developing an online portal for the development of a healthy lifestyle. Including physical and mental health. Feel free to reach us and share your thoughts. We together can create a better world for us.


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