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Description of the Book :


The present book "the cemetery of memories " is collection of poems telling a story of a girl. Call it a poetic novel as each chapter is written in the form of a poem. It contains 20 poems (chapters). It is inspired by the book "The girl on the train " by "Paula Hawkins". The story takes you through the life of a girl who had an abusive and mentally disturbed husband. It'll be interesting to know how life is like for the girl, before and after leaving her psychotic husband, the only way to find out is to read the book. The author recommends individual discretion as some part of this book might be disturbing to some individuals and doesn't recommend this book to children at all.

The cemetery of memories

  • Author's Name :  Riha
    About the Author :  Riha - was born and brought up in Maharashtra. She is done with her Masters. She has done her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. She was studying in 7th grade when she discovered the poetess in her. Writing poems got added to her list of hobbies which already included drawing, painting, sketching, playing badminton. Creativity wasn't new to her but writing gave it a different direction. As time passed and she learned more and more about English literature she discovered one more writer in her who could convey a big thought through few words. She found out she can write quotes and short stories as well. She likes to tell stories through her poems as well. She is known among her friends for creative ideas and unique perspective of life. Her writing includes topic from social issues to mental disorders to everything she comes across. She writes on instagram under the handle "@rihawrites". You can drop her a mail :
    Book ISBN :  9781005860622
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