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An extension from the poetry found in his first book(Two Sides To Every Story), these poems literally continue diving deeper into his mind, heart and soul. The author boldy ventured to some very desolate places within himself to heal his heart from the many wounds it bears, thus being able to create such beautiful works of art that flow effortlessly throughout the whole book.
Find yourself emersed in (your relation to...) his pain, roller coasting graciously through the struggle, then emerging on the other side(of suffering) with a smile so BIG and bright even you won't recognize yourself.

The Caged Bird With 'Clipped' Wings

SKU: 9789358318982
  • Author's Name: Daniel Garza

    About the Author: I'm just a simple man living with his wife, 4 daughters, 2 cats and a dog, enjoying life as much as possible intentionally and graciously each day, moment by moment knowing it will never ever happen again. Ever.
    Book ISBN: 9789358318982
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