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Description of the Book:

A collection of attempts to turn thoughts into words. Honestly there are so many, sometimes they clash and cancel out each other. I did not have the habit of journaling so there were no previous records. It was a lot of recollecting, dusting, decorating and recreating. Hope it is worth your time.

The Bridge Between

  • Author Name: Chinmoy Adhikary
    About the Author: Graduated Electrical Engineering with no recollection of it. Currently a salaried professional working out of Bangalore, India. Belongs to Assam the "fabled" land of insecteaters, living in treehouses in jungles Habituated to whiling away time thinking of things that could be done. Have traveled to wonderful places through the power of imagination. Loves winter, coffee, movies, music and art in no particular order.
    Book ISBN: 9785662689268


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