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Description of the book


Do you often close your eyes and find joy daydreaming- of what could have been and despair of things that are? Does your heart ache for the things that happen out there, as it does for things in here? Your joy isn’t always just yours, nor is your despair. Read on for a small trip through emotions that are both deeply personal and widely relatable, through 19 poems than bounce back and forth the personal self and the world out there. 

The Book of Lies

  • Author Name: Abhay Sankar
    About the Author: Abhay Sankar is a civil servant hailing from Trivandrum, Kerala who is passionate about music and travel. An ex-Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellow with experience working in development sector in Northeast India, an amateur singer and a conversationalist, his verses are drawn from topics ranging from the various problems of the world that we live in to core emotions that make us human.
    Book ISBN: 9780463549681


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