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The Blues, is set in the 1920s, where the icy winter of New York has taken over. My main character is called Silas Costello. He´s charming, intelligent, educated, filthy rich, and extremely lonely. We open on a cold night, 3 months after his release from his 5 year prison sentence during the end of the first World War. It´s been weeks of emptiness with nothing to bring him joy, until fate continuously brings him back to a mysterious woman. She´s quite ragged and skinny, her body hugged by a large coat, fishnet stockings and large stiletto heels, always carrying at least a gram of Heroin around. She´s soundless, not a word past her lips, which has turned her into a complete mystery. Eagerness fills him, keen on knowing more about this strange woman that has been slowly making her way into his life, but is that possible? Is she more than just the Heroin in her pocket?

The Blues

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