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Blue-because of its psychological association with tranquility and creativity. Blue-because of its cultural association with men. Blue-because of its colloquial association with the working class. This is for women who take pride in substantiating their existence by adding a shade of this color to complete their everyday mental make-up; for women who take on roles that are stereotypically men-driven, in addition to what they are inherently enabled to do.

It is not what we women (some of us for sure) think we are expected to do. It is what we strive to do. Maybe it is the competitive streak (read characteristic) in most of us women that needs to make the best of every available endeavor that lies at the doorstep.

Most of us women relating to this deliberation are not obligated to work, advance our educational milieu, look our best, or even cook the literal bread and butter for the family (even more respect to all those women who are pressured to do so!) But what pride we take in getting that long-awaited promotion! And taking up that course to advance towards our childhood dream of adding a few alphabets to our professional-signature! And dressing up and finding that perfect matched bindi to complete our diwali ensemble! And being able to endure the resistance of that additional weight for that perfect dead lift! And adding that handful of spinach to dal to make it a healthy homemade meal for the kid!

And yes, contentment is not easy for us. 24 hrs a day is just not enough. This is not a diatribe against men. Not any bitterness towards women that are cheerfully satiated by completing any one of the above mentioned to-dos with equal or even more passion at the least. In fact, I’m almost secretly envious of people whose hormones are wired with just the right amounts of serotonin and can be boosted with just seeing that sale price on an expensive mascara.

Agreed, that mental satisfaction with what we have possibly already accomplished is blissful, even necessary at times. Whether it was finishing that rigorous bachelor’s degree; or having entered into that beauty pageant by slipping in a few fake medical leave letters. Whether it was believing in the idea of staying single because you are too good for ‘a’ partner; or living with the man of your dreams because you are ready for ‘a’ partner. Whether it was holding the outcome of 42-weeks of ‘sweet’ vaginal cramps to your chest; or holding that glass of bordeaux to your lips after a successful presentation. To most of us women, however, satisfaction, or happiness is never a static, a grammatically ‘past’ state of mind. It is the present and future continual attempts at learning and doing more than the ‘expected’. Contentment.

The Blue Mascara

SKU: 9789358738193
  • Author's Name: Sarika Handique

    About the Author: "My Blue Mascara" (read book description) pretty much sums up my approach in life. I have been training to be an architect (of buildings), started training to be a mom (experimental and experiential), and always in the process of training my mind and body to be able to learn more. I love traveling, photography, dancing, solving crosswords, reading, writing, cooking, and the list goes on. My passion? Being able to do these things without compromising on the real driving forces of my life. It seems almost impossible to balance out these fervors within the mathematically-set 365 days of a year. But I personally know some women who have. Some who have been dancing their tasks to glory; some through cooking; some who have dared to define and display a new level of physical strength of the ‘weaker sex’. This is a shout-out to all the women who venture into doing more, being more; and always infinitely adrenalized with the process of evolving! What next?
    Book ISBN: 9789358738193
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