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Description of the Book:


I am a creative with a beautiful power: to immortalise the world around me, simply by picking up a pen. This collection of poems covers musings from the age of fifteen, to the first steps into adulthood. Revelations are the foundation of these poems; truths that we are all bound to discover in relation to love, inspiration and the reality of relationships. It is a companion for the lost youth, struggling with their place when the world has swept them up in a whirlwind. Allow yourself to take this collection in hand and become the eye of your storm.

The Beginning

  • Author's Name: K. L. Rose
    About the Author: K.L. Rose is newly eighteen and 'The Beginning' is her first solo publication. She has previously achieved publication through writing competitions, and online with her piece 'Anyone' published by Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine. This online literary magazine also hired her for her first role as an editor at the age of seventeen. She has experienced run-ins with grief, broken families, eldest sibling struggles and despair associated with first loves, all of which have contributed to this collection. It is a nod to what has been, as she steps towards everything that is to come.


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