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Description of the Book:

The Beehive is an anthology that seeks to draw comparisons between an individual and their place in the society, taking inspiration from nature and particularly that of honeybees;
Like honeybees, we play dual roles being part of the hive the society and as individuals embarking on our own little journeys exploring what we mean to the world we live in but most importantly what we mean to ourselves, passing through seasons of experience, hoping we may find the balance between these two contrasting facets of life.

The Beehive

  • Author Name: Hana Farook
    About the Author: Hana Farook was born in Hyderabad,India but spent most of her childhood in Abu Dhabi, already determined to be a writer at the age fourteen yet her tryst with poetry came much later as a creative means of self expression, graduating from university with a mass communication degree and not surprisingly also having garnered a reputation for being a devoted poet. Hana enjoys photography, watching anime, an occasional kdrama and whatever meme is making rounds in pop culture. ‘The Beehive’ marks her debut into world of publishing anthology.
    Book ISBN: 9783363502817


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