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Description of the Book:

A celebration of love, loss, humanity, and communication, ‘the beauty of oversharing’ delves into first-time author Hannah Catherine Carr’s heart and mind as she shares a small collection of thoughts and feelings on her life. A glance at how she thinks and how she feels, these poems invite the reader to experience aspects of Carr’s life with her, all while exploring the art form of poetry and many of its styles, including prose, limerick, and sonnet.

The Beauty of Oversharing : Pieces of a Scattered Mind

  • Author's Name: Hannah Catherine Carr
    About the Author: In any given moment, Hannah Catherine Carr can be found singing and dancing along to her favourite music, daydreaming about travelling the world, or napping. A Theatre Studies and Creative Writing student, stories have been Hannah’s favourite thing; music, movies, TV shows, books, plays, poetry. If it conveys feeling and tells a story, Hannah loves some aspect of it.


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