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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems which explores various concepts and experiences of fundamental emotions within one's life, connecting whimsical and colourful concepts with peaceful and solemn experiences. It's an exciting new series of poems, written throughout 2020 and 2021, exploring ideas and feelings which arose from the events of the last year. The poems delve into visceral imagery, fantastical concepts and psychological challenges still being faced in our modern day; with every turn of a page is a new food for thought.

The Anthology of Whimsies and Wallows

  • Author's Name : Yasmin Bligh-Hasan
    About the Author : Yasmin Bligh-Hasan is the poet behind this anthology, which was written whilst she was still a sixth form student in her last year of A-levels. She lives in the UK, with origins stemming back from both Israel and Palestine. She is an artist and writer, and a volunteer blogger for the National Citizen Service website. She continuously writes poetry about emotional and psychological experiences in her day-to-day life, and is a practicing solitary pagan, which is incredibly influential to her ideas and whimsical descriptions which derive from pagan concepts. Being a young and newly published writer, she provides a unique and fresh voice and perspective to the community of poets in modern society. "The Anthology of Whimsies and Wallows" is Yasmin's first book, and hopes to provide new and innovative poetry which will influence her readers of the 21st century.
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