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Description of the book:

The Abstract Art of Unravelling' is the first book by the author. This book talks about her battle with her demons and the journey to find her own light. These poems are synonymous with her personal experiences and those of around her. With world currently facing predicament, humankind is trying to find its lost balance and harmony. This book is an attempt to let people discover and acknowledge their tribulations and help them to heal themselves with kindness. Hope you guys cherish this book and its words with love and care.

The Abstract Art of Unravelling

  • Author Name: Radhika Shah
    About the Author: Born and brought up in small town, Radhika never believed in the norms that defined the society. Even as a child, she looked for ways to defy the odds in her own ways. With growing up, she found magic in words and it stuck with her. For her, the words hold power and enchantment that can give life to all the imagination and bring in transformation. Even as a copywriter, Radhika still finds peace and life in the words in her enclosed books and diaries. With her words, she hopes and strives to bring change in world and in the hearts of her readers.


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