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Description of the Book :


Anne is the loudest even if Cassandra is always the one talking. The 3rd crossroad marks her public debut as a poet. Always looking for the best version of herself this book is an open door to a different reality. An opportunity to get out of your head and watch her gather passion, values but mostly truth through her 3rd decade’s beginning.

The 3rd crossroad

  • Author's Name : Cassandra Anne Gomez
    About the Author : Cassandra Anne Gomez was born in Montreal but in comparison to other immigrant’s children she also got the chance to live in her homeland at a critical period of her development: Haïti. She was properly introduced to poetry by her 3rd grade teacher in 1999 after the popular ice storm. Not going to school because of power outages during winter brought her first questioning about life and freedom. She wrote her 1st poem in a blue and pink diary referring to winter, chicken and cold : we are now far from those childish ideas. Between healing, philosophy, self-searching, a dream and her will, she planned on catching every trains to secure her inner peace.
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