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Description of the book


This book is a collection of drunken thoughts. It is a representation of your 3 am version, the times when you hit your most vulnerable and start to see everything for what it is. Every emotion becomes crystal-clear, feels raw and is unfiltered. This book strings those regrets, realisations and gratitude together. 


That Piece of my Drunken Heart

  • Author Name: Jasvi Srivastava
    About the Author: The author is currently pursuing BA Honours from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. She loves museums and likes to pretend she understands art which made her believe she could pursue a course like History Honours. She romanticizes the little things in life and says Organic Gardening is her hobby to sound fancy. Sometimes she acts like she's a heroine out of a Jane Austen novel and creates fake scenarios in her head for a living. And on a totally unrelated note, she loves French fries.
    Book ISBN: 9781005956837


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