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Description of the Book:


The Book sheds light on various phases of life in which darkness enters, remains for a while but in the end is understood and through understanding, see the light and understand why things lead to a certain ending. The ending however marks a new beginning to deal with the darkness with growing wisdom.
Darkness hence must not be feared but used as a yardstick to deal with roadblocks coming at us head-on. To get in touch with our emotional side and deal with it deligently eventhough our hearts and minds are at loggerheads is depicted in this work of art.

Thank You Darkness

SKU: 9789360946944
  • Author's Name: Roystern D'Souza

    About the Author: The Author is a simplistic professional and individual with a zest for expressing every human emotion in words. The Author through his reallife experiences has had a thorough understanding of the darkness and the light emanating through triumph of the said dark situations. The author dreams that everyone, especially young minds learn from the mistakes of others and constantly endavours to send a positive message of Not Fearing the darkness of others or SELF but to understand the Illumination post learning this feared and much less understood Darkness.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946944
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