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Description of the Book:


In my existence, weariness weighs upon me like a relentless burden, an insufferable cloak I cannot cast aside. Happiness, taunts me from the shadows, mocking my futile pursuit. I traverse this desolate world, through a pretence, where the facade of camaraderie veils the stark reality of truth.
I am but an actor upon this stage, enacting the charade of companionship, yet the emptiness within louder than any counterfeit laughter. In the recesses of my mind, a disappointed voice persists, its ceaseless whispers a haunting reminder of my own inadequacy, my own destruction.
I am repulsed by the reflection that meets my gaze, by the hollow shell of a being I have become. I am lost, adrift in a sea of self-loathing and disillusionment, yearning for liberation yet bound by the chains of my own creation.Here I am pretending to fit. The poems my creation of sleepless nights.

Tears of Ichor

SKU: 9789360948832
  • Author's Name: Archit Rohatgi

    About the Author: Amidst the ever-growing stacks of circuits and glimmers of LEDs stands Archit, a sophomore electronics engineering student, navigating academics by day and poetry by night. In life’s unstoppable march forward, sleep sometimes pays the price. With blurring boundaries between day and night, Archit found solace in writing. Embarking on a journey to write, he slowly started posting his reflections online. This collection of writings is one step forward, a leap into his discoveries.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948832
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