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Description of the Book:


Poems spanning across time, delivering heart felt emotions from mothering and other life experiences.

Tears in Translation

SKU: 9789360944469
  • Author's Name: Carmen King

    About the Author: Carmen King, born in November 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. With 25 years of marriage to Daniel King, she's raised four children and delights in her grand-daughter, Demi. Professionally versatile, Carmen has worked in education, customer service, culinary and as a stay-at-home mom. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her catering, baked goods, and writing endeavors, including resume crafting and obituary writing. An ordained evangelist and former youth pastor, Carmen's spiritual journey intertwines with her writing. She's been featured in The Secret Place Daily Devotional magazine in the summer of 2021, and has collaborated with restaurants on menus and recipes. Currently, she is focused on writing two cookbooks, devotionals, and a non-fiction book, showcasing her passion for culinary arts and faith-based inspiration. In all aspects of her life, Carmen King radiates resilience, creativity and unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark on her community and beyond.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944469
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