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Teaching, Learning and Motivation in English as a Second Language is a monumental scholarly publication, which provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of teaching, learning and motivation for both students and teachers. The title of the book greatly reflects an interdisciplinary approach whereby teaching, learning and motivation are interrelated and interconnected. The authors of this monumental work shared their scholarly linguistic knowledge and tackled teaching, learning and motivation as a single whole. The added value of this book is also expressed in the fact that the authors themselves have acquired English as a second language. Their experiences and numerous examples from the Balkans countries truly demonstrate that the learning of the language depends on the education, socio-economic, religious, ethnic, cultural, gender and age determinants. Their experiences, challenges, examples, interpretations and analysis truly reflect the path of what the second language learner should expect on the path of acquiring the English language. Therefore, this book is a valuable source for students, teachers, researchers and educators alike because it guides them what they might do when they learn, research and teach the foreign language.

Teaching, Learning and Motivation in English as a Second Language

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