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Description of the Book:


Emotions are like monsoon Sometime it pours Sometime it rains And when it rains, it fills you inside-out And makes you yearn for more - Ved It is logical to refer to my poems as narrative prose. The poems in this book paints an intimate portrait of lives and emotions impacted by the quest for identity and purpose. I believe that an art form is a medium to create a reality that we want to see. To convey a thought that will invoke emotions in one’s mind. Emotions that must be part of our world. The world which is crumbling down like a hollow structure. Poems in this collection unscroll like black and white movies, and occupy the pages like a painting. In this collection, the art and life entwine like seasons to find hope in the cracks of broken lives. Each poem is wrapped in mystique waiting for the readers to unwrap the reminiscent of the old and the new world charm. I wrote these poems in my search for love that can endure in a world where everything else seems to have lost all meaning.

Tea party at midnight with Rumi, Manto, Bukowski & others

  • Author Name: Vedansh Shrivastava
    About the Author: 
    Vedansh Shrivastava currently lives in Bhopal (MP). He has a postgraduate degree in Audio-Visual production from SIMC and a graduate degree in Engineering. He writes in both English and Hindi. This is his first poetry collection in English. He has written a poetry collection in Hindi (Guzre Waqt ki Syahi) which is due in coming months. In his other life, he works as an advertising professional in Mumbai. You can reach out to him at or follow him on Instagram at


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