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Description of the Book :


This anthology focuses on the rhythmic genre of poetry. The poems rhyme in a manner that makes it sound like music in your ears. The poems touch different themes like love, power, survival, self-love, courage and more. All the poems were composed keeping in mind, the relevancy of it in an individual's life. A reminder that you are not alone, and someone around the globe feels exactly the same as you do.

Tea & Honey

  • Author's Name :  Sheenam Eliza Kujur
    About the Author :  Sheenam Eliza Kujur is an Indian poet. She was born on October 7, 1996 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She is known as Poetic Cascades on Instagram. It has now been 10 years of her, using her thoughts, feelings and her mind's eye to create subtle and graspable poetry. It is her speciality to mesmerize her readers through an exquisite rhyme scheme. She has been a part of different anthologies, to boost up her confidence and to stay motivated. e-mail:
    Book ISBN :  9781005953706
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