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Description of the Book:

By witnessing so much chaos in the pandemic we all need to have courage in us and to be kind in every aspect. The universe has always been playing it's card to show us the things on which we need to focus and take our lives forward to consciousness. TE FiTI is a journey that will give us hope and will restore the heart once again within us. We will find many things that every individual must have faced somewhere or at some point. TE FITI is for those who want to see the world with positive outlook rather than being helpless and will give a reason to get ready once again with everything we have within us right now. It's the Safari of simple yet different answers to questions that ,in this era, we ask ourselves.

TE FITI - Restoring the Heart

  • Author Name: Katyayani Naik
    About the Author: I am a textile designer who love to participate in extracurricular activities and lives in Anuppur,Madhya Pradesh. "TE FITI" is a journey very dear to me because it gave me the rainbow chance to share my thoughts on today's society or day to day life among people. I hope all the seven colours would reach every reader who is in need to feel more alive and to feel complete once again. "TE FITI" is our mother earth that must be protected by us, where we are playing the role of Moana & Maui.
    Book ISBN: 9783303527054


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