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Description of the Book:


The intricate fabric of our lives unfolds as an extraordinary voyage, woven with myriad moments and encounters.
From the people we cross paths with, to our shared memories, experiences, and emotions, each thread adds vibrancy and meaning to our existence. This tapestry not only colors our journey but also shapes our identity, defining the essence of who we are.
This collection of verses mirror one's continuous journey through the stages of human existence, delving into its core, aspirations, and longings, navigating the hurdles and emotional storms encountered in various phase of life.
Within this anthology lie tales intertwined with encouragement, emotions entwined with imagination, aspirations entwined with serenity.

Tapestry of Life

SKU: 9789360944186
  • Author's Name: Anchal Yadav

    About the Author: A writer and poet, based in Gurugram. She's a passionate reader, and an avid listener who finds solace in the world of books, stories, and poetries. Imagination gives her wings and writing becomes her escape. She draws inspiration from the natural world, and the complexities of human emotions. 'Tapestry of life' is her debut poetry collection. As a lifelong lover of language, storyreading and storytelling, her creation endeavour to encapsulate the beauty and intricacy of human existence. She believes in the power of words to heal and inspire. Embracing life's teachings with unwavering faith, she holds onto the belief that all will be well, harboring the hope that each of us will eventually discover our Ikigai.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944186
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