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Description of the Book:


The book is a list of some of the many poems written, while keeping in mind some of the most intense emotions like empathy, rage , sorrow and sacrifice .
It list how dejected a person might feel when facing a break down . It somewhere also describes how important it is to understand the 'unspoken words' of people who never open up to confessions. It also highlights the unique aspects of an ordinary individual with a powerful character willing to fulfill ones own as well as the dreams of others .
This book more or less is meant to motivate and influence it's readers to the extent that they shall be able to turn over a new leaf in their lives. To organise their 'tangled emotions' and prefer a life with contentment and prosperity rather than just showing off a life that is superficial and a life that is being lived on the strength of others .
The spellbinding and remarkable poems in the book shall have a huge impact on the new generation as well as influence the elderly section of our community . I believe that the holistic development of a nation is only possible while focusing on both the young upcoming generations with addition to the upliftment of the senior citizens of the nation. It assures the readers that sacrifices are meant to be handled alone and only the strong and steady shall be able to successfully succeed . Diving in a pool of insecurities that an individual faces on daily basis to some deep and heart renching confessions that we all have made to ourselves in some or the other point of life .
The book is also bent on explaining how important it is to let go of the load that burdens you and destroys your life , the more a reader reads the more he/ she will be convinced with this .
Towards the end this book aims to provide a platform for some of the Unspoken words that we hear within our hearts that if acknowledge shall change our lives for the best in future.

Tangled Emotions! (Unspoken words)

SKU: 9789363314221
  • Author's Name: Sadiya Begum Shaikh

    About the Author: Pleasant, courteous, innovative and a vivid listener are few words that describe me well . I leverage my powerful and dynamic approach through my words to inspire people of all ages. Guiding the new generation and encouraging them to be able to turn over a new leaf and become futuristic leader's are my Aims as a author .
    Book ISBN: 9789363314221
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