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Description of the Book:

2021 was, and also is being, a strange year for most of us, and strange also is the time when everything is supposed to start becoming a little less strange. There's so much space for being alone with thoughts that can manifest themselves into dreams, and by that, one means the kind of unconscious absurd nonsense that seems to have gotten even more vivid and even less sensical these days. And as scary as most nightmares tend to be, sometimes they're refreshing, because they're a lot more interesting than being stuck in quarantine. Amy Julia Rose's poems are about many things: sicknesses, different types of families, rainbows, costumes, toys, planets, the smell of paper, ghosts, lighthearted things and heavy things. And most of them are about trying to make sense of weird nightmares.

Tall House, Dollhouse

  • Author's Name: Amy Julia Rose
    About the Author: Amy Julia Rose was born in 1999 and she's a Libra, in case you were wondering. She lives in Toronto right now, but hopes to someday live in her favorite city, Los Angeles. She's been writing poems since she was 4, and they were just as nonsensical back then. She loves to act, sing and dance. She's very thankful for her family, who have been forced to put up with her silliness during for the last few months.
    Book ISBN: 9781005524739


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