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Description of the Book:


Undefined relation though a beautiful tale, Feelings, multifaceted. Hidden in diaries, sprinkled on pages, There also it exists, unconfessed. Talking To the Moon is a collection of poems, reflecting the musings of an enchanted heart, defining those unspoken feelings in innocent words, written in the language of soul.

Talking To the Moon

  • Author Name: Samridhi
    About the Author: Samridhi, who comes from a town in Bihar, is a marine biologist by qualification but a poet at heart, currently working for an Indian MNC. She is an occasional but passionate reader and a travel enthusiast. In her free time, you’ll find her either writing or binge watching a web series. For her, writing works like a therapy to her turbulent mind. You can reach her at for a formal hello and at for an informal hey!


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