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Description of the Book:

An ancient land from faraway lays hidden beyond rocky cliff faces and dangerous seas, holding captive beautiful creatures and secrets man has yet to discover. The people of Mitya have stories lasting millenniums - of their creation, of prophecies completed and yet to be, of the war, and of the races that all share the same air. Here, you can read these stories of their world and be transported somewhere new with a whole world to explore.

Tales of Mitya

  • Author's Name: Lane Michaels
    About the Author: Lane Michaels has always been fascinated with the beauty of storytelling. Spending long days and weeks with her nose in a book, she's been writing stories since her childhood. Michaels has always dreamed of becoming a published author, making a career out of writing things for the whole world to enjoy. She hopes to inspire children to never give up on their dreams and to continue to find joy in storytelling, and strives to remind adults that stories aren't just for children - their imagination is only limited when they convince themselves as much.
    Book ISBN: 9798412855189


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