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Description of the Book:


Dive into a realm where words dance and emotions flow, where the heart flips and the eye twitches. Where the heart says right and the mind says wrong.
It's a collection of heart-felt poems and anecdotes. A book where stories meet rhythm. A book that promises a journey through rawness, vulnerability and courage.
So discover the magic of poetry as it weaves tales of love, longing and human spirit.

Tales Between Lines

SKU: 9789360946296
  • Author's Name: Rishita Shah

    About the Author: With a flair and passion for curating poetries, Mrs. Rishita Shah invites all the readers into the world of poems. A world where she expresses a glimpse of the extremes of emotions. With her first ever book she wishes to put out all those unsaid feelings and sweet moments, an experience worth having. She has been writing poems ever since she was amazed by the art of expressing herself in words. She also has few of her work published in anthologies like the e-book ‘The Indian Pen’ and some paperbacks like Quarantine musings, Language of flowers and few others. She does her best writings at the comfort of her home by the balcony. She loves to narrate stories through her poems. So let’s dive into this small glimpse of life as it is!
    Book ISBN: 9789360946296
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