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Through tears I've written these words. Some bitter, some sweet. Tainted Honey is a collection of reflections, memories, and written thoughts. From my notes app, and from my emotional middle of the night journal entries, I present to you, "Tainted Honey".

Tainted Honey

SKU: 9789358315202
  • Author's Name: Leilani Snow
    About the Author: Leilani Snow is an actress and published author!!! (As of the moment this comes out, not counting the published "about me" books she wrote as a project in grade school) She began writing stories in elementary school, and won awards for them. Leilani has been writing poetry for years within a school setting and on her notes app. She truly started honing in on writing poetry while studying creative writing at San Diego State University. There, she became more comfortable with poetry through an internship and the poetry classes she took. Leilani has found an outlet and healing through poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789358315202
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