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Description of the Book:


This collection of poems portrays the love, pain, hope, and dreams of the ones that remain invisible to everyone around them.
Delve into the untamed beauty of nature's embrace, where the resilience and splendor of the earth unfold through vivid imagery and lyrical prose. Journey through the corridors of memory, where nostalgia intertwines its bittersweet threads, capturing moments of joy, sorrow, and longing with poignant clarity.
From moments of quiet introspection to the exuberant joy of connection, "Symphony of the Ordinary" beckons you to pause, reflect, and embrace the rich symphony of emotions that sculpt our lives.

Symphony of the Ordinary

SKU: 9789360947002
  • Author's Name: Mayank

    About the Author: Mayank, a nascent voice in the world of poetry. After completing the educational route of engineering from PEC and MBA from IIFT, he finally decided to pursue his route of dreams. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and music, and with a pen dipped in passion and words woven into tapestries of emotion, he invites readers to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Through his words, he seeks to touch hearts, spark imaginations, and leave a lasting impression on all who delve into the pages of his poetic world.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947002
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