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Description of the Book:


Revolutions don't happen everyday. Nor do scintillating victories bless us everyday. Life consists largely of Monotony. But who says Monotony has to be draining and painful. There lies a beautiful symphony in daily moments which makes it colorful, amusing and even inspiring. Here's my small attempt to cover brief moments of daily life which carry unexpected hidden answers. It's my attempt to share rainbow of life giving its view in strange ways

Symphony in Monotony

SKU: 9789358739381
  • Author's Name: Tarun Saini

    About the Author: An engineer by thought process, a banker by profession and a writer for expression. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of a string of letters and words and how deeply they can leave their marks on heart. This brings me to this journey of both exploration and realization. If my words can resonate with even one more person, it would be a worthy travel.
    Book ISBN: 9789358739381
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